The garage door can be one of the most used doors in your home and you may not even realize it. A two-car garage with two daily driven cars opens and closes a minimum of 4 times per day, and sometimes even more. This isn’t normally a lot for doors, but for doors with intricate machinery attached, it’s a lot of wear and tear.

Unfortunately, an overhead door can never break at a “good” time, so it’s best if you’re prepared with all the information you need in case it needs a replacement. The video on this page explains in detail what you can expect when a garage door needs to be replaced.

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Overall, the process is fairly simple. The technician takes the old door off first and begins work on assembling the new door. Each panel goes into place one at a time, with wheels installed after the door is together. The rails are fitted over the wheels and the upper portion of the rails are installed. The whole door is connected by wire to the garage door opener motor before it is tested for quality assurance.

The overhead door installer will then inspect his work to tidy everything up before finalizing the job. It’s important for the homeowner to ask all the questions they need before the installer leaves, so nothing is left open-ended.

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