If you are a plumber or automotive technician, you’ve most likely come across a situation where hose clamps were necessary. These handy tools are used to act as a seal and fit around hoses to prevent leaking gases or liquids. According to It Still Runs, hose clamps have been used as heavy duty zip ties, or even as a replacement for duct tape. In reality, they have a much more useful purpose, and there is a wide variety of types of hose clamps to choose from. Each hose clamp is tailored to a specific job, accounting for the different sizes, pressures, and durability needed for a project.

Plastic Hose Clamps

Unlike sturdier clamps, plastic clamps have interlocking teeth that can be squeezed by hand or with pillar to create a seal. This plastic allows for an adjustable hose clamp that is reusable and great for economical jobs. Plastic clamps, however, will not have the strength and reliability a stainless-steel hose clamp can provide. These should not be used in high, hydraulic-pressured situations but will work great for venting systems, garden hoses and other lightweight applications.

Worm-Drive Hose Clamps

Made of stainless steel and extremely heavy duty, these are the clamps you will want to use for automotive projects, wire-reinforced hoses, sealing water pipes, and more. Their helical-threaded design works by turning a screw to pull the threads of the band, and in turn, tightening its grip on the hose. Due to the strong steel structure, these clamps are not recommended for use on soft hoses.

T-Bolt Hose Clamps

The last major hose clamp category is deisgned for situations that require an air-tight seal and the ability to function under high vibrations. This clamp is also typically stainless steel, and is designed with a clamp that gets inserted through a hole in the clamp itself, which is then tightened. There is a wide variety of applications for this hose clip including supply pressure on gas lines, in hydroponics systems, and for drip irrigation.

There are so many different types of hose clamps out there to suit your varying needs. These were three of the most common types that provide different forms of support and closure. A common denominator you will find throughout all hose clamps is their primary function to seal off hoses. If you want to learn more about hose clamps, give the Hose Clamp Kings a call today and our browse our inventory!

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