A simple renovation project, adding exterior shutter installations can easily be done when aware of the steps. Shutter installations quickly enhance the look of any home. When understanding the process, the job can be completed in an afternoon.

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To begin the shutter installation process, start by marking the shutter’s position when the top end of the shutter is flush with the window trim. When measuring, be sure that the bottom of the shutter lines un with the lowest and thickest part of the window rail. For vinyl shutters, it is important to leave some space between the trim and the shutter to account for contractions and expansions that occur during changes in temperature.

Next, place the shutter on a surface that is safe to drill. You will want to have 4 mounting holes, one placed in each corner of the shutter. These holes need to be centered and two inches away from the edge to prevent damage to the shutter during the drilling process. Some shutters may need additional mounting holes depending on their size and weight.

From here, replace the shutter by the window and drill pilot holes after properly realigning to the trim.

For additional information on shutter installations, please review the attached video.


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