If you’re considering renovating your garage, you should start with your home garage door. A faulty door can be a massive headache for homeowners as they constantly worry about their property. It’s also annoying and tiring to have to open things manually. Therefore, you can start with that and then move on to the rest of your garage.

One of the main problems people face is the automatic door sensor not working or the garage door buzzes but doesn’t open. Sometimes, they’re battery-related issues. However, you might have to replace the entire setup if changing batteries doesn’t work. Many other situations can ruin your day, and it’s best to be proactive. Invest money in a system that doesn’t cause trouble, especially if the garage door only opens a couple inches.

The last thing you want to do at the end of the day is to get out of the car and realize that the garage door only opens an inch. You’ll have to leave your vehicle outside, and you might not be able to close the door at all. Once you take care of that situation, you can think about the rest of your garage. Let’s find out more about redoing that space!

The garage is an important part of the house, and among the top ten things home buyers consider. It may be attached to the rest of the house or be detached. Its primary purpose is parking vehicles. However, many options for redoing your garage earn you additional storage space and, depending on your preference, even create extra living space in your house. This read will explore how to redo your garage in a remodeling project.

1. Logistics

You must consider certain factors before starting a garage remodel project. For example, you need to find a place to move and store the stuff in your garage. Consider renting a storage container if you want your stuff to be within the home. You can also use one of the rooms in your home as storage, provided it has space. If these options aren’t viable, ask a friend if you can store your stuff at their place.

The attic can also serve as an at-home storage space during remodeling. You should also consider the time frame it’ll take to redo it if you can do without it, the tools needed, the cost implications, and, most importantly, an achievable design plan. Having weighed all your options, you’ll have to determine the professionals you need to hire. You can have a lot of fun redoing your garage according to your preferred color, style, and use. Below are a few pointers that, if followed, will help you enhance your space without much effort on your part.

2. Floors

Garages typically have concrete floors, infamous for cracking over time, and can look dull even in good condition. However, as far as durability and longevity go, concrete service is your best bet if you’re wondering how to redo your garage. Two main ways you can approach redoing your garage floors: coating or covering.

Coating options come in different materials and offer a way to reinforce and enhance the aesthetic appeal of concrete. The coating works better if the floor is dry and in good condition. If your concrete garage floor is cracked or susceptible to moisture rising from underneath, it will require preparation beforehand. Work with a concrete professional service to determine the best course of action.

Professionals may also recommend a garage floor epoxy coating service. It’s one of the most popular and strongest options for redoing garage floors. An epoxy floor coating is also convenient since it’s resistant to gas and oil stains or spillage. Consider epoxy coating to perform car repairs and maintenance inside the garage.

Painting concrete floors is another option. It’s easy to apply. It’s just like wall paint, only stronger and inexpensive. The two main paint options are oil or latex-based floor paints.

You can also consider concrete sealing and staining, which are often paired since stains don’t stick well to bare concrete. You can use stains to achieve a marbled appearance or a lovely glossy finish. These are ideal if there isn’t much traffic in your garage and will need a touch-up after some time to keep it looking good. You could also install a polyurea coating that adds stain resistance and durability.

You can also consider a garage floor covering that comes in diverse designs, materials, colors, and textures. Roll-out garage flooring is easy to apply and can be used on sections of the floor, such as underneath your car. They’re made from heavy-duty rubber but can be damaged by sharp objects or kickstands.

Carpets are also a great option, especially if you use your garage as extra living space. There are also carpets specially made for garages which come in tile and are resistant to stains. Peel and stick tiles are made from heavy-duty vinyl and are ideal for garages that don’t get much use. Snap-together tiles are made from rigid or flexible plastic and snap together in place, just like a puzzle. Coverings are a great option for how to redo your garage since they don’t require prior floor preparation and can conceal cracks, and also offer protection against moisture seeping through the floor.

3. Doors

Garage doors are also an important part of how to redo your garage. They’re huge and take up entire wall space. Plus, if it gets jammed in the morning, you will likely be late for work that day. To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, consider making changes to your garage door.

For example, if your garage door has steel wheels, consider replacing them with Teflon wheels which run more smoothly and quieter when you open and close the garage door. Occasionally grease the hinges to keep your roll-up door squeak free and operating effortlessly. Tighten up all the nuts, bolts, and screws on your door. It would be best if you also made sure the torsion springs are in tip-top condition by regularly adjusting them by a professional, as they’re responsible for lifting the door. A garage door with faulty torsion springs can cause serious injuries or fatalities.

A great way to test the springs is to pull the door halfway down and release it; The door should stay put. An average garage door is opened and closed about four to six times a day, with some homeowners using the garage as the main entryway to the house, essentially making it the front door. So it would be best if you made sure the door is up to handle all the traffic, and it’s as presentable as the rest of the house.

For easy access from the outside, install a garage door opener that can operate remotely, so you don’t have to get out of your car to open the door manually. This will come in handy in bad weather. Newer versions come with infrared sensor beams installed on either side of the door. If anything interrupts the beam, the door on its way down will stop and immediately reverse before any contact, preventing accidents. Unless you’re an expert, performing garage door repairs and replacements isn’t one of those things you can do after watching a few tutorials on how to redo your garage. Instead, look up residential garage door repair services to ensure your door is fixed properly.

4. Insulation

If your garage is attached to the home, it shares a wall, floor, or ceiling with some rooms. It would be best to insulate it to prevent heated or cooled air from escaping, which can be a nightmare for your energy bills. Detached garages also need insulation to prevent temperature extremes on your car and other items stored therein. Insulation is also essential if you plan to convert the garage into a living space.

As you think about how to redo your garage walls, you also have to factor in your roof. Make sure the roof is in good shape, so when you finally get foam insulation services, you can get a thorough job done everywhere that’ll be worth every dime. You can also loft your garage, creating space to entertain your guests. You can also turn it into a studio apartment and rent it out or create more storage space. To ensure there are no weak spots in your garage, ensure that you also get a steel garage door with foam insulation.

5. Windows

Windows are a necessity in a garage. They ensure fresh air circulation and let in natural light while enhancing the visual appeal of a garage. Check to see that all windows can be opened and shut, check for cracked or broken window glass, and make any necessary repairs. Just like every other part of the garage, your windows need to be thermally efficient. If they’re not, it may be time to plan for window replacements.

When it comes to energy efficient windows, you can choose between fixed or picture windows, which are non-operable and fully sealed to the window frame. However, they don’t allow fresh air to flow into the garage, which can make it quite uncomfortable. Operable hinged-sash windows such as casement and awning windows are considered among the best since they create a firm weather-tight seal when closed but let fresh air in when they’re open.

Don’t forget the window frames. Vinyl material has natural insulating properties and is a reasonable energy-efficient option. It also has a high R-value. This means it reduces heat transfer, keeping warm air during winter and preventing hot air outside from coming in during the hot summer months. Vinyl is more durable than wood and a better option than fiberglass or metal.

6. Electrical Power

Consider the electrical work when thinking of how to redo your garage. Hire a qualified electrician to take a look at your wiring and connections. A professional will ensure enough outlets in your garage while maintaining the required distance between electrical outlets. They’ll ensure that cables installed on exposed surfaces are protected by conduit and that at least one circuit serves only the garage. Ensure that your garage is always well-lit.

Having bright lights eliminates hazards and also makes it possible for you to work on your car even after dark. You can also install sensor lights that come on whenever you or someone else enters the garage, which can serve as a security measure. There should be at least one switch inside the garage controlling lighting. In the case of a detached garage, a professional will advise on the top-quality way to install an electrical supply to an outbuilding. You’ll need a decent circuit to connect other addons to your garage that need to be powered, like the garage door opener motor, car lifts, and other receptacles mounted on the garage’s exterior.

7. Safety Measures

Putting safety measures in place is an important aspect of how to redo your garage. Like any other part of the house, the garage needs to be kept safe. Ensure that anything mounted on the walls or ceiling is properly fitted and not heavier than its support. Put in safety-enhancing gadgets like the infrared sensor beam below the garage door and install smoke detectors. Ensure your storage is properly arranged and set aside a lockable space for chemicals and other hazardous materials.

You should also set aside a space for tools, preferably a lockable cabinet. Put up signs communicating hazards to others and keep your fire extinguishers accessible. Have any necessary repairs addressed promptly. Ensure windows and door seals are effective for rodent control. Rodents such as mice can chew through insulation or on electrical material, which can pose a safety hazard.

When thinking of how to redo your garage, you have various options. It all comes down to what you want to achieve with the remodeling project and your budget. Like any other home improvement project, you must first determine how much it’ll cost and save up or plan for it well in advance, seeing that it’s a long-term investment. As shown above, you don’t have to remain conventional with your garage space. You can switch it up and make it fit your lifestyle.

If you plan to use your garage as extra living space, a great tip is to make the most of the walls and overhead space, which are often underutilized. This will ensure you leave enough room to maintain the functionality of your garage. While you may be tempted to handle some aspects of the project yourself, hiring professional and experienced remodeling contractors is prudent.

It ensures your safety from all the potential hazards involved in how to redo your garage, and professionals also have access to discounts on high-quality materials. Take your time to research and view portfolios to make the best choice. Choose a company with an established history and reliable track record, as they will likely guarantee their work with a solid warranty.

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