Spring is the best time to get outside if you have been trapped in your house throughout winter. It is also the ideal time to maintain your appliances with the below spring home maintenance checklist 2023.

Change AC Filters

The quality of your indoor air highly depends on the filters. If the filters are old, dirty, and clogged, they will not remove impurities in the air well, and you may end up inhaling dirty air. If it’s been a long since you bought new filters or changed the old ones, schedule a comprehensive ac service for an in-depth inspection.

Filter inspection and maintenance can improve your indoor air quality, result in a cleaner house and improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC unit. Here are a few signs that you should change your AC filters:

Visible Dirt on the Filters

Dust and other dirt particles on your filters are the most obvious signs that you should change your air filters. Remove the filters from the AC, inspect them, and wipe the dirt.

Allergy Symptoms

Dirty filters result in a dusty home. As such, most people in your family may start complaining of dust allergies, despite your efforts to clean every corner of the home. Change your filters immediately if you notice signs of dust allergies like red eyes and runny nose.

Hot AC Unit

Dirty filters will make the AC unit work overtime to make air pass through the filters. As a result, the entire unit may become extremely hot when you touch it. Seek expert help when you notice strange signs with the performance of your AC unit.

Maintain Your Sewer System

Your sewer system helps drain waste from the house to the treatment area. A collapsed or broken sewer system can cause a blockage or even a lousy smell in your home, and that’s why you should include sewer system inspection in your spring home maintenance checklist 2023.

The common signs that your sewer system needs repair include strange sounds and odor from the drainage system, gurgling noises from the toilet, wall molds, and slow drains.

If you notice any abnormal signs on your sewer and drainage systems, call your septic pumping service because there could be a problem with the sewer. Your septic tank could be full, and an expert can inspect and help unveil any other issue within the drainage causing the signs.

Once you call an expert, you can still observe these other sewer maintenance tips to keep your sewerage system in excellent condition throughout spring such as:

  • Flush your plumbing systems regularly
  • Avoid disposing of solid food particles in the drainage system
  • Address sewer issues as soon as you notice them
  • Run water regularly on your sink to remove any clogs within the system
  • Know when it’s time to seek professional help

If you spend most of your time at home during spring, maintaining your sewer system will help you have a smoother time at home.

Schedule AC Inspection Service

One great way to keep your AC bills under control and prolong the life of your unit is to schedule an AC inspection service. In winter, chances are you used your AC for a long time without a single checkup or repair, so spring is the right time for a detailed inspection.

An HVAC expert should check all the unit parts and ensure they are all in perfect working condition. If your HVAC unit is damaged or some parts are not working well, your inspection technician can schedule for air conditioner repair or replacement depending on the level of damage.

Here are the main benefits of having AC inspection in your spring home maintenance checklist 2023:

Reduce Energy Bills

A smooth-running AC unit consumes less energy, keeping your energy bills low. If your energy bills have been rising steadily, your AC could have a faulty part that needs immediate inspection and repair.

Extend the Unit Lifespan

Most HVAC units have an average lifespan of 15 years, and preventive maintenance can make your unit serve you longer. Proper service can also make the unit more efficient and improve indoor air quality.

Maintain Manufacturer Warranty

Maintaining your AC well unit is one sure way to keep your manufacturer’s warranty. This is because most manufacturers will ask for a certificated technician service poof or any documentation for maintenance when you return it for any technical hitch.

Look for Signs of Mold

Inhaling or touching mold in your home can cause nasal congestion, skin rash, and eye irritation, among other dangerous symptoms. As such, you should not tolerate the presence of mold in your home.

In spring, you can find mold in almost every hidden part of your home because of the winter moisture. As the new spring season starts, you should include a mold inspection service to your spring home maintenance checklist 2023 and eliminate the problem before it’s late.

If you are unsure of molds in your home, check out these sneaky signs and take immediate action.

Musty Odor

Mold commonly forms in hidden areas like behind the doors, under the beds, or even in the basement. A musty, damp odor signifies the presence of mold in a hidden area, and you should inspect your house as soon as possible to identify it.

Spots on Furniture and Clothes

Discolored stains on your furniture or clothes could mean mold in your house. Check your clothes and other items in your home to ensure they are not stained. If they have a damp smell, keep them dry to prevent molds from growing.

Persistent Cough, Cold, and Allergies

Mold could be the reason for the persistent cough and allergies among your family members. Call an inspection expert if the allergies don’t seem to disappear despite your efforts to treat them.

Prepare the Lawn

Preparing the lawn is another activity that shouldn’t miss on your spring home maintenance checklist 2023. When the winter finally leaves, you will want to prepare your lawn ahead of the spring season. One main preparation step is to cut or trim the excessively grown trees so they don’t interfere with your crop-growing process.

Well-maintained trees reduce the risk of falling branches and create enough space for the tree branches to grow healthy. If the trees are weak or crowded, you may seek tree removal services to eliminate the weak trees or those growing in unwanted areas. Besides trees, here are other lawn preparation tips to observe during spring.


Gently rake your lawn to prepare for new growth. Raking will improve the look of your lawn and create enough space for aeration before you grow your plants.

Fertilize and Grow

Organic fertilizers are rich in nitrogen and can greatly boost the growth of plants in your lawn. Test the type of soil in your lawn, fertilize and grow the plants of your choice. Don’t forget to use herbicides depending on the type of weed that grows in your lawn.

Check Your Appliances

Winter can greatly affect your home appliances’ performance, so inspecting should be part of your spring home maintenance checklist 2023. The main appliances to focus on during your inspection include your microwave, stove, water heater, oven, washing machines, and water heater. Some rarely used appliances may have mold, and others may have become faulty. A general inspection could save you the high costs or replacements if they are damaged beyond repair. If any of your home appliances is faulty, you can always schedule an appliance repair service and save the possible costs of replacements.

Here are four main reasons to inspect your house appliances in spring:

  • To reduce the risk of electrical heating
  • To avoid accidents and keep everyone in your family safe
  • To avoid the expensive cost of replacements
  • To ensure they are in excellent working condition

Appliances that produce smoke and sparks that become excessively hot or produce abnormal sounds may need repair or replacement. Inspect them one by one to avoid future dangers and costs.

Clean and Organize Your Space

Cleaning and organizing your space is another exciting activity to include in your spring home maintenance checklist 2023. Be creative with your space and create an entirely new, well-arranged space if you take time off from work. Check out these compelling ideas on what you can do in spring to keep your house in order.

Declutter the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, and it can easily get messy. Keep spoons and other regularly used utensils at the center of the kitchen for easy access. Reshuffle the cabinet, arrange your cutlery, and empty the dustbins for a good-looking kitchen.

Organize the Living Room

The living room is the focus of your home, so it should always be good-looking. Ensure the seats, coffee tables, and door mats are all clean and no clutter could affect the beautiful d├ęcor of your room.

Organize Your Appliances

Are all your appliances working well? Check out if your home landline phone is still functional and contact phone repairs experts if it’s damaged. Check other appliances like the refrigerator, woofers, and TV to ensure everything works well. Remember to keep everything organized to improve the aesthetic of your home.

Repair Plumbing System

Plumbing is one of the most crucial systems at home, so it shouldn’t miss on your spring home maintenance checklist 2023.

Minor damage to the system could easily cause bad odor and leakages, affecting your comfort of living. Furthermore, damages to your plumbing systems could increase energy bills and lead to costly repairs and replacements.

If your plumbing system is prone to clogs, among other issues, you need regular inspection and ensure everything is in excellent condition. Experienced hydro jet plumbers can clean your plumbing systems with pressurized water to keep them sparkling clean and free of clogs.

Do you need help determining whether to inspect/repair your plumbing? Check out these common signs that you should take immediate action.

Low Water Pressure/No Water At All

It’s time to call your plumber if there’s no water in your taps or the water flows at a noticeably low pressure. There could be a clogging issue with the aerator, and your plumber can help you solve the issue.

Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets can lead to huge water bills and water loss. Call a plumber to fix a dripping tap through repair or replacement.

Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is a turnoff to users and can cause health issues. Usually, this problem is caused by clogging, and a plumber can help you unclog it and clean the entire plumbing system.

Sewage Smell

Your house should never smell like sewage unless there is a drainage problem. Inform your plumber immediately if you notice a sewage-like smell coming from your house, especially the toilet or in the sinks.

Inspect Roofing

Your roof protects you and your family from harsh external hazards like wind and rain. Therefore, it requires protection to avoid leaks, collapsing, or shingle damage which could easily interfere with the shade your roof gives you.

A roof inspection is important in spring because it’s easier to spot holes or cracks than in winter. Also, the winter months could have been hard on your roof, so a spring inspection can help you identify adverse signs that developed during winter.

Ideally, you should schedule an inspection if your roof is over a decade old because most parts of the roof could be weak or damaged. However, you should also schedule for roof repair if your roof shows any of the following signs:

  • Sagging roofs
  • Water leaks
  • High energy bills
  • Blocked /damaged gutters
  • Cracked shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Green spots on the roof

Your roofing expert could recommend a repair or replacement depending on the level of damage.

Inspect Foundation

Last on our spring home maintenance checklist 2023 is foundation inspection which can help unveil serious structural issues with your property. This inspection is commonly done by people who need to sell or buy a property, but you can still do it to confirm that everything is okay in your house and that there is no structural damage.

You can do the foundation inspection alone, although involving an expert to facilitate the process is advisable. If you identify a problem, the expert can book you for a foundation repair service to prevent further issues. Here is a general process for a property foundation inspection :

Walk Around Your Home

Walk around your property as you inspect the walls and foundation, and check for cracks, holes, or any signs of moisture. Mark any areas with signs of foundation stress so that you can focus on them when you start the repair process.

Inspect Floors and Ceilings

Ceilings and floors could also signify that something is wrong with the foundation of your property. Look for signs of cracks or mold and unusual spots. Most spots on your ceiling or floor may signify excess moisture, which could result from foundation damage.

Inspect Doors and Windows

Doors and windows may also give some clues regarding the situation of your property. Gaps between a window/door and the frame could mean the foundation is shifting.

Final Remarks

After a long winter, everyone looks forward to spring’s fresh air and bright sun. Hopefully, you will utilize our spring home maintenance checklist 2023 to perfectly prepare for the season and enjoy it.

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