Is there a spare shed or garage on your property that you’d like to get more use out of? Many people do, but they just leave them dormant instead. This is a waste of space, since there are so many great things it could be used for. If you do, then look no further! This article will detail 16 creative and unique uses for that extra space at home. From functional to fun to profitable options, we’ll touch on many different ideas.

1. Make a Workshop

Do you like woodworking or welding? Turn your garage or shed into a shop. Hone your skills and become a master of a trade from home. If you’re not already skilled, there are countless free videos and paid masterclasses available on the internet. Just find someone you trust and absorb all the knowledge they have to offer. Otherwise, consider attending classes at your local community college.

No matter how you choose to pursue a skill, the spare building can store tools, parts, workbenches, and materials. You can even add relevant decorations to spice up the aesthetic! Just be sure to stay organized and maintain a safe working environment. It can be the perfect place to hide away from life and focus on making awesome things.

2. Rent it Out!

Some people rent out excess space on platforms like Airbnb. It can be rented for short-term stays, long-term stays, or even as storage space! People visiting your town on vacation can stay in your guest space as an alternative to renting a hotel. Giving it a creative aesthetic flair will make visitors prefer your accommodations to other, more traditional avenues.

Before you rent the space out, it’s important that any repairs are completed. The space should be structurally sound, clean, and weatherproof. Many folks will hire a garage builder when they need garage door services such as garage door repair or to get advice on the best garage door openers. They may also provide garage organization services or refinish floors. In general, hiring professionals is a time-efficient way to get work done on your property. Plus, they’ll often do a better job than a DIY solution.

3. Home Gym

It’s a great idea to work out and stay healthy. Everyone should keep in shape, since a healthy body is a healthy mind. A healthy mind makes a great life. You can fill the space with workout equipment like weights and treadmills. Hang speakers on the wall and play awesome pump-up music while you get those gains you’ve always dreamed of!

Also, consider turning it into a boxing studio. Get heavy bags, speed bags, gloves, and some friends. Train together and become the next Muhammad Ali! Just be sure to learn proper techniques to avoid injury.

4. Yoga Studio

If you’re more interested in wellbeing and flexibility than strength, consider delving into the world of yoga and mobility training. Get some mats, blocks, and resistance bands and learn how to supremely control your body. In your spare garage or shed, you could learn to do tricks that will stun everyone you know!

Consider installing screens and speakers to play yoga videos and relaxation music. That way, you’ll have the resources to build your yoga skills and get fully into the meditational headspace.

5. Recreational Vehicle Storage

Do you have jet skis or ATVs just sitting out, getting rusty in the elements? Use the spare space to store them! The garage or shed could be used to clear space in the yard. Store boats, dirt bikes, or even golf carts. If you don’t have any recreational vehicles yet, what are you waiting for? It’s time to call your local golf cart company and pick one out! If the building is large enough, maintenance could even be done on it from home. Expand your vehicle fleet with some cool new off-road beauties, and keep them safe with your unused garage or shed space.

6. Vehicle Conversion Space

If modified cars are your thing, use the spare garage to do epic vehicle conversions. Fill it with tools, equipment, and materials to turn boring vehicles into hot rods or supremely functional machines. Not only is it a useful skill to cultivate, but converting vehicles also makes for a great talking point.

For example, one man did a custom van conversion over the course of three months. He took your regular, everyday van and turned it into a mini-camper. He and his dog took a scenic road trip to visit some of the largest state parks in the country, but that’s just a fraction of what you could accomplish by converting and modifying vehicles in your spare shed or garage.

7. Home Office

Do you work from home? Would you like to? Consider converting the extra space into a home office. Having an entirely separate building will keep distractions at bay and allow you to truly lock in on your work. The space can be filled with nice, aesthetic decor and useful work tools. You could even rent the space to another remote worker or start a new home-based business yourself.

There’s plenty of business that can be done from home. Often, dedicated home office spaces can make for a great tax write-off! Even if you’re not a remote worker, it might be nice to attend to important matters in a dedicated office space rather than at the kitchen table. Become more productive by turning your spare building into a home office!

8. Guest House

If you often have visitors, it may be wise to set up a guest room for them. Being a great host is a timeless sign of wealth, so rather than letting your garage be dormant, give your friends and family a dedicated place to rest their heads. Before people start staying in the space, it may be wise to renovate first. Make the space comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Fill it with amenities and comfy furniture. Also, consider structural updates such as installing a commercial epoxy floor coating or something similar. This will make it resistant to damage for years to come.

9. General/Tool Storage

Got a bunch of miscellaneous but still necessary stuff lying around? Organize it neatly into the spare shed or garage. That way, you can clear up space around the home and maximize your outdoor buildings. From construction tools to garden tools to those old keepsake bins in your basement, they could all find a better home in the unused space in the shed or garage.

Do you struggle to find space for seasonal items like holiday decorations, camping gear, or sports equipment? Your spare shed or garage can serve as the perfect seasonal storage solution. Install shelves, hooks, and storage containers to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

10. EV Charging Station

Electric vehicles are the wave of the future, but there aren’t nearly enough places to charge them yet. If you own an electric vehicle, it may be extremely convenient to convert a spare building into a charging station for electric vehicles. Simply call a contractor to install one or more EV charging stations in the building. If you install solar panels as well, you can save on electricity costs and make your household much more environmentally friendly.

If you’re from a small town or there aren’t any charging stations nearby, you could even earn money by offering your charging station to other electric vehicle owners. It’d be like a tiny gas station in your driveway!

11. Man Cave/She Shed

Need a space to get away from the kids and hang out with the homies? Turn your spare garage space or shed into a dedicated hangout space. You could even install an awesome-looking industrial fence in the surrounding yard. Use that space to host yard games and other fun activities away from passing traffic!

Fill it with all your favorite decor and activities without having to worry about what anyone else thinks of them. Hang up your most prized possessions and show off your personality. Turn the spare building into a place that’s completely yours. Then, invite some friends over for some weekend activities, and let the fun begin!

12. Greenhouse

Got a knack for gardening? Shelter your plants from the elements and convert the extra space into a greenhouse or plant nursery! You could even sell baby plants to other gardeners and turn a profit. The space can be filled with climate-controlling devices like humidifiers, grow lights and fans. Install shelves to house Many plants can thrive in a greenhouse-type environment. You can grow crops to supplement your grocery shopping, rare and exotic plants, or even just a nice flower garden to relax the mind. No matter the intent, the spare garage or shed space can be used to create the indoor garden of your dreams.

13. Video or Music Production Studio

Do you or someone close to you have dreams of being a famous musician or YouTuber? Get set up for success by turning the excess space into a recording and editing studio for music or video. Add equipment like microphones, acoustic panels, green screens, and computers. Get set up with everything you’ll need to create quality content you can be proud of.

Then, get to work! Start learning about the craft and equipment you’ll be working with. Develop a theme for the content or music, start planning out production, and research tips and tricks for success. With hard work and some luck, you’ll be breaking the internet from the comfort of your home production studio!

14. Home Theater

A great mark of luxury is to have a home theater. Invite friends and family to watch their favorite movies. Just install large screens or a projector on the largest wall in the building and get some plush, comfy chairs. Get a mini fridge and a popcorn maker. Fill the shelves with new movies and timeless classics, and there you have it! You have a theater you can enjoy any time you want at no additional cost. Your lovely new home theater will fill your weekends with fun and put you a step above your neighbors.

15. Craft Room/Hobby Space

The spare garage or shed space can become home to your new hobby or craft. Ever wanted to try home brewing wine? Painting? How about tinkering with electronics? It’s time to pursue your passions and curiosities. Spend some time learning about the new skill. Learn the basics, then get to experimenting. As it progresses, it’ll become time to convert your spare garage or shed into a craft room or hobby space. Fill it with materials for the hobby, workbenches, and instruction manuals. From there, just get to work. Soon enough, you’ll go from having an empty building to being talented in a brand-new skill!

16. Reading Nook

Last but not least, make a dedicated reading space. Are you a bookworm looking for a quiet getaway to dive into your favorite novels? Your shed or garage can become your personal reading nook. Add bookshelves, comfortable seating, and soft lighting to create an inviting atmosphere for reading. You can escape into different worlds without leaving your property. Just fill the space with all your favorite books, and it’ll be like your own mini library. Combine that with the home office idea and install a desk. Then, you can study and learn the ways of the world from the comfort of your spare shed or garage. So what are you waiting for? Set up your space!

And there you have it! 16 creative ways to convert a spare shed or garage into the useful space of your dreams Whether you choose to turn it into a rental space, a utility space, or just a hangout spot, anything is better than leaving it dormant. Of course, these are just a few ideas. With some creativity and hard work, the space can turn into anything you could possibly imagine. Use your creativity to create the space you’ve always dreamt of. There are truly endless options at your disposal. Use your creativity to create the space that’s perfect for you. The only question that remains is: What will you choose?

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