The garage door plays an important role in your home that often goes unnoticed until failure begins to occur. After a garage door has failed, debris will start piling up, leaks may form, and loud noises during operation will become apparent. Each of these issues gives a reason to call a garage door repair company to ensure proper operation. This repair company will review each of the parts described in the video to diagnose the issue.

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The track brackets attach the rail to the wall. These can loosen, leading to a flimsy hold.

The track attaches to the door by the wheels and allows it to move easily. A broken track will prevent the door from moving or cause it to fall into your garage.

Cable drums hold the cabling that moves your garage door. If the drum is broken, the cable will not spool nicely, and the cable snapping will prevent any movement at all.

Hinges are attached to the door itself to promote flexibility. It allows the door to bend from a vertical to a horizontal position. Broken hinges will cause gaps and inoperable doors.

Each of these parts will be looked at by the garage door repair company as they’re looking to fix your door. They are all wear parts that require maintenance but are easily serviceable to prevent damage in the future.

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